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Vagabond House was founded in June of 1986: using antique silver tableware and transforming it into jewelry and table accents. Many of our long time customer still wear the pendants and rings which Vagabond House created from this re-purposed flatware.

The little known company was purchased by the Haas and Hardy families in 2004 with a focus exclusively on the tableware aspect. While maintaining the highest quality standards of materials and unique approach to design, the family expanded into pewter production shortly after the purchase.

This wonderful metal allows our American designers to create to their hearts desires. This creativeness partnered with a team of truly gifted carvers, artisans and fabricators allows us to bring to life the many wonderful designs and collections that have grown Vagabond House into the global brand that it is today.

Follow this link to view the full Vegabond House gift Collection. Questions regarding purchasing and ordering may be directed at Lautares Professional Jewelers in Greenville, NC via their contact page here.