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Spark Jewelry

Spark has built its reputation as a leader among luxury jewelers over the last 35 years by manufacturing fashion jewelry designs that capture the essence of seasonal fashion trends and consistently using the highest quality diamonds, rare gemstones and precious stones available. Each season, Spark’s innovative collections take signature jewelry icons into a modern dimension while continuing to offer timeless, classic pieces for sophisticated women. Spark Creation’s founders, brothers Eli and Beny Aviram, have established Spark as a true jewelry manufacturing leader by personally sourcing the finest stones from around the world, infusing elegance into every design, while maintaining a fresh and fashionable design in every piece.

Spark Creations is recognized for its elegant style and spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces. Shelle Jewelers is pleased to present the Spark Collection to our customers.

Follow this link to view the full Spark Creations Collection . Questions regarding purchasing and ordering my be directed at Lautares Jewelers Greenville, NC Jewlery via their contact page here.