Greg Crawford ~ One-of-a-kind |

Greg Crawford ~ One-of-a-kind



At a time when fine jewelry designers rely more and more on computer aid for their designs, Gregory continues to use only traditional methods and tools. Add to that his 42 years at the designer’s work bench, and a certain look emerges in his work. Admittedly, there is a bias toward the gilded age estate era, however he has no fear of blending modern motifs for the sake of drama.

Every single commission is approached using the “from the ground up” method. This means that no pre-fab parts, molds or dies are used in the planning / design path. This results in a highly original look for each individual piece that Gregory makes.

Follow this link to view the full Greg Crawford collection . Questions regarding purchasing and ordering may be directed at Lautares Jewelers Greenville, NC Jewlery via their contact page here.